The Company

EML - Emder Marine Logistic Ltd.

The company Emder Marine Logistic GmbH was founded in July 2011 to cover previously elicited inquiries for procurement of maritime equipment.
Focus is the procurement and export of components and spare parts for various marine sectors, including building and construction of marine vessels.
This includes the trade of goods, as well as the individual production (as per sample or drawing) of equipment. Furthermore EML receives inquiries and orders from the international and national industry and crafts sector.
Another of EML’ footholds is the sale of stainless steel products in the region, as well as closer regional areas.
The Company
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z. Zt. aus Lagervorrat ( Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten )

31 Stück Steigeleitern, schwarz DIN 83202- 3 Meter lang

5 Stück Steigeleitern, geprimert DIN 83202-3 Meter lang

29 Stück Steigeisen für Steigleitern, scharz

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